Thursday, May 22, 2014

An Open Letter to Sh. Arvind Kejriwal

Dear Sir
It has been a total 360 degree turn till now since you were sworn in as Delhi CM approximately five and half months ago and I would like to start with one thing you had said on your swearing in ceremony speech at Ram Leela maidan which I doubt you or any of your followers remember now. You had said,” It’s our prime responsibility to take care that no other party needs to be formed because of us” It was a deep understanding of what you and Aam Aadmi Party had stood for. There was another hidden pessimist fact there that if you would fail, it will take more than the time it had taken since rise of Janta party in 1977 to get that faith and hope restored in minds of ‘AAM AADMI’ of India.
Arrogant misuse of power against peaceful protests had lead to birth of your party where you symbolized the uncommon traits of Honesty, Integrity and principals. Brilliant use of strategy and creativity with the help of thousands of youth looking for a change had come together under your leadership and you succeeded to build that credibility and faith in the minds and hearts of AAM AADMI of India. And outcome was a grand historic success in Delhi assembly elections.
But here things started turning 180 degree right from the very next day of the ceremony and completed half swing right before grand failure in Loksabaha Elections. With each and every passing day, with each and every move played, you and your party evolved gradually yourselves in a political party. Yes, you kept moving away from those traits of honesty, integrity and principals and aligned yourself with all those which are better known as POLITICS. ('आम आदमी पार्टी' से छोटा होता 'आम आदमी' और बड़ी होती 'पार्टी' ). You went so ahead that you didn’t even hesitate to ask for a fractured mandate from people by trying to create a fear of monopolistic government in their minds when everyone knows that on the grounds of same fractured mandate you had resigned from the CM chair. Questions you once asked on behalf of AAM AADMI, took a back seat and politics of always being in news drove your policy ahead. Such was the change that your call of ‘Janta wants to know’ started raising a question in the minds of same Janta that which Janta you were referring for. National ambitions for AAM AADMI was never out of context but that AAM AADMI you ONCE REPRESENTED never wanted you to leave Delhi hanging in air and start aiming for PM chair. And if you weren’t aiming for PM chair, it meant by claiming that all your efforts are to stop Sh.Modi and Sh. Rahul Gandhi, you were all set to leave India’s fate on the mercy of Sh. Mulayam Singh Yadav, Smt Mayawati, Smt Mamta Banerjee etc. Such were the eyes filled with political ambitions that you didn’t even ask AAM AADMI before quitting whose opinion you had seek before forming the government. You could have easily started working in Delhi patiently and one by one contested every state in assembly elections in next five years and I am sure you would have successfully filled that vacuum in states due to which you have won your only seats in Lok Sabha elections.
Well, what you had lost was set to be lost in this transformation from AAM AADMI PARTY to another POLITICAL PARTY. Question was now what ahead? First, now you can’t claim to fight on same traits of Honesty, Integrity and Principals as we have all seen them broken one by one, bit by bit. Now you can’t claim to voice the same Janta ki awaaz you once had represented. But of course you can start afresh in Delhi again. For that first you have to accept your mistakes of dong what you had done as well as ignoring thousands of those who tried to advise you and ended up abused and trolled by your and AAP followers. But that acceptance must come from heart after introspection and realizing that the change you had brought in your party from AAM AADMI PARTY to another POLITICAL PARTY can’t be reversed. Yes, you have to and you should start as a political party now. First step for this would be to talk to congress again and see if government could be formed again as still assembly has not been dissolved yet. I know you will get a lot of criticism from BJP, from BJP followers and from public but you should give it an honest try and once the government is formed, you work and work and work to prove the critics wrong. That’s the only way to get that pride and confidence of people back. And if congress says a straight no then go in the elections with a brave heart as a politician, the art you have perfectly learnt till now.
I was about to end that letter and came to know that you had already took those steps of contacting congress and LGuv. But the way was the same. Fooling people? You and your party said it was just a meeting with LGuv and you chose to hide the fact that you have asked him to give you time to form the government. Why did you hide it? Why couldn’t you accept your mistake honorably without any theatrics and tried that transparently? And then came your Jail dramatics and other big guns of your party were ever ready to incite in peoples mind that your people are victims of the system. It was sad and disheartening to see instead of a deep introspection and thinking about those who were founding members of your party and had left you, you chose to think about those who brought you at that end and followed same path to get that media attention and ripples in the smooth air.
P.S. Sir, you are requested to go through the first half of my letter above once again and think to do it that way and get rid of the path which have got hold of you. Else I am sorry to say as an AAM AADMI, hope of having a third genuine viable option after BJP and Congress are bleak very bleak.
For Strenth of Democracy.


  1. mudita9:48 AM

    Absolutely downright to the point. Very very well written. Hits a chord with each point you have made. Wonderful writing. Keep writing more....